The WinkBed Mattress: Should You Buy This Premium Hybrid?

The WinkBed mattress is a luxury hybrid model, handcrafted in the USA and composed of a combination of springs, cooling gel and a plush mattress topper. It’s a consistently popular choice in the hospitality industry and is famous for its choice of four firmness levels and its three-stage back relief system designed to eliminate tension and align your spine while you sleep. Should I still buy it?

While our expert review of the WinkBed mattress is to follow, here we take an in-depth look at this popular hybrid, analyzing it in terms of design, materials, price, comfort, support and user reviews, all to help you decide if you should buy this luxury hybrid or look elsewhere.

It’s one of our favorites and features in our best mattress guide as the best choice for back pain. But there’s more to the back support. Here’s everything you need to know about The WinkBed and whether you should buy it…

The WinkBed mattress: In brief

Reasons for

  • Excellent back support
  • Available in four firmness levels
  • Good motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty

Reasons Against

  • Maybe too firm for lighter bodies
  • Not all side sleepers like it

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress in a box that offers a range of firmness options to suit most sleepers, then The WinkBed is a great choice. Made from a combination of polyfoam, gel-infused foam, and individually wrapped pocket coils, this hybrid mattress is designed for long-term use, which is part of why it’s so popular in the hospitality industry.

The WinkBed mattress shown at an angle, emphasizing the strong edge support system

(Image credit: WinkBeds)

How much does The WinkBed cost? It sits in the more affordable end of the premium hybrid mattress market, with a starting price of $1,149 (RRP). In the WinkBed mattress sale, you can often get $300 off, bringing the price of a queen size down to $1,499 – that’s very competitive for a luxury hybrid of this build quality.

The WinkBed Mattress: Spec.

Type: hybrid bed-in-box
Trial period: 120 days
Lifetime warranty
Price: $1,149 – $2,049 (MSRP)
Height: 13.5 inches
Firmness (1-10): 4.5 (softer), 6.5 (deluxe firm), 7.5 (firmer), 8 (more)
User review rating: 5 out of 5 stars

With four different firmness levels available (Softer, Deluxe Firm, Firm and More, for people weighing 250 lbs and more), it’s relatively easy to find a WinkBed mattress that suits your body and sleeping style. It’s an especially good choice for back and combination sleepers, due to the inclusion of a dedicated back relief system built with lumbar support. It’s also a good cooling mattress for hot sleepers, and we like that there’s a dedicated option for those over 250 pounds.

It’s not the best choice for sleepers on a very tight budget, and lighter side sleepers may find even the soft version of the WinkBed mattress too firm for them – the sturdy support structure and layers of springs don’t provide so many outlines. or sink like memory foam mattress.

You’ll get 120 nights to try The WinkBed at home, which is slightly longer than the average 100-night trial we see from competing brands, although it can’t compete with the one-year trials on offer. by brands such as Nectar, Avocado Green and DreamCloud. The lifetime warranty is excellent, as is free shipping and returns – not all online mattress manufacturers offer free returns either.

The WinkBed mattress: prices and offers

The WinkBed’s price puts it in the affordable end of the premium mattress market. Let’s look at the prices for each size:

  • Twin: $1,149 (usually priced at $849)
  • Twin XL: $1,249 (generally priced $949)
  • Complete: $1,499 (usually priced at $1,199)
  • Queen: $1,799 (usually priced at $1,499)
  • King: $1,999 (usually priced at $1,699)
  • Cal King: $2,049 (usually priced at $1,749)

WinkBeds offers regular discounts and sales throughout the year. We regularly see deals offering $300 off any mattress on the site, and during major sale periods we’ve also seen WinkBeds include $399 worth of accessories on top of the $300 discount. That means you can get a reduced queen mattress starting at $1,499 (was $1,799).

The WinkBed mattress: Design and materials

  • Made with natural and eco-friendly materials
  • Uses cooling materials to regulate temperature
  • Actively reduces motion transfer in bed

The image shows inside the WinkBed mattress so you can see the different layers of foam and springs

(Image credit: WinkBeds)

All the foam in the WinkBed is CertiPUR certified, meaning it’s free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, while being environmentally friendly. The blanket is made from Tencel, a natural material derived from eucalyptus wood cellulose.

It is naturally breathable and cooling, which means it will help regulate your temperature while you sleep. The cover is also padded with WinkBeds exclusive Hypersoft foam for initial pressure relief.

Beneath the cover is a pillow-top comfort layer, infused with gel to further boost cooling and airflow. The foam is also made with shock-absorbing air capsules, which look futuristic and are part of WinkBeds SleepCalm motion isolation technology to reduce motion transfer. This will probably be good news if you share your bed with a fidgety sleeper, because you won’t bother each other as much when you change positions.

Each pillow top layer gets progressively firmer with the four different firmness options available with the WinkBed mattress. At the bottom, you’ll find individually pocketed coils, divided into five different zones for targeted back support and proper spinal alignment during sleep to help protect your posture.

The Plus firmness level, designed for sleepers weighing 250 lbs and over, also contains a 2.5″ layer of 100% pure latex to help the mattress retain its shape, provide more bounce and help keep the mattresses firm. cool sleepers.

The WinkBed mattress: Comfort and support

  • Three-stage back support system
  • Your choice of four firmness levels
  • Foam and coils for better pressure relief

Blonde-haired woman is lying on her back on the WinkBed mattress while reading a magazine

(Image credit: WinkBeds)

The WinkBed uses an exclusive three-stage back relief system, designed to eliminate muscle tension and align the spine when lying down, and is considered by many customers to be an excellent mattress for back pain. The WinkBed Back Relief System features a lumbar layer for added support in the mid-lumbar region of your body, with a layer of multi-zone coils providing targeted back support. This provides a firmer feel in some areas and a softer feel in others.

There’s also an extraEDGE support system that provides a wider sleeping area, allowing you to stretch out and use every square inch of the mattress. Again, this is good news for couples sharing a bed, especially if you’re sleeping on a smaller sized mattress.

Designed with a triple-layered heat-dispersing material, the WinkBed mattress is also ideal for keeping sleepers cool. The Tencel cover absorbs moisture, followed by a gel-infused European foam pillow top for cooling. The coils are evenly spaced to allow air to flow as freely as possible through the mattress.

Although we feel (after analyzing reviews and user reviews) that the WinkBed might be a great choice for sleepers and people with back pain, in fact most sleeping styles should be able to sleep comfortably thanks to the four different levels of firmness available here.

Should you buy the WinkBed mattress?

The WinkBed is widely appreciated for its durability and support. It is suitable for all sleeping positions and most body types, with a specific firmness level (Plus) available for people weighing over 250 lbs.

We also think the WinkBed could be a great option for people with back pain, as the mattress places a strong emphasis on back support and healthy spinal alignment, and we’ll pay special attention to this feature during our full WinkBed mattress review. Mixed sleepers should also get along with the bouncy support offered by this traditional spring mattress, making it easier for you to change your sleeping position during the night.

A hybrid mattress will never isolate motion as well as an all-foam model, but the WinkBed uses exclusive Sleep Calm motion isolation technology to ensure you and your bed partner don’t disturb each other when you enter. or get out of bed, or when changing. positions during sleep.

However, we wouldn’t recommend The WinkBed to everyone, and we think light side sleepers might find even the softest version of this mattress a bit unforgiving. But, overall, for a luxurious, durable mattress with good customizable options and solid back support, it’s worth considering. Don’t forget you’ll have 120 nights to try it yourself, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

The WinkBed mattress: Competitors

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