The InstaRobo can vacuum and mop, and its price just dropped during Deal Days

Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping go hand in hand, but how often do you have time to do it all? And when it’s just for a spot on the floor? It’s not lazy to get a tool that does the work for you, and it’s not science fiction to say, “let the robot do its thing.” The InstaRobo B1 robot vacuum is part vacuum, part mop and works on hard floors or carpets. During our Deal Days promotion, you can get it on sale for $129.99 (Reg. $179). No promo code needed.

The InstaRobo is a powerful and diligent little robot that quietly gets to work and takes care of itself, for the most part. It has four cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, spot cleaning, edge cleaning and zigzag cleaning. Switch between them with the remote control or let the InstaRobo work as one.

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Whether it comes up against stained food or dust, the InstaRobo is ready. It vacuums and washes simultaneously, combining 1400 Pa of suction power with an intelligent cleaning system. It can even pick up tangles of pet hair and has a tangle-free suction passage to help you out.

Millions of people have robot vacuum cleaners. It is quite common that a study has even been done to understand if having automated basic tasks make you happier. Overall, it is, as long as your robot doesn’t look too human. The InstaRobo looks like a flying saucer coasting along your floor. Its slim design allows it to slip under sofas and chairs seamlessly, and it definitely doesn’t look human.

The InstaRobo is an essentially autonomous robot. This means that you will only have to interact to change the dust bin of the charging tower. It charges and runs on its own and can even clean for up to 100 minutes on a single charge. So set it to clean every dayand you’ll be ahead of the game once allergy season returns.

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You can clean or let the robot do it. During our Deal Days sale, get the InstaRobo B1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2-in-1 Self-Charging Robot Vacuum and Washer on sale for $129.99 (reg. $179) through July 14.

Prices subject to change.

Abdul J. Gaspar