The Design Intelligence Award is back with a $750,000 prize. Here’s how you can participate.

Ask yourself. Is a design good if it wins an award? Or is it good if it had a positive impact on people? The latter seems like the most obvious option, right? Well, that’s the goal of China’s premier awards program, the Design Intelligence Award. Founded in 2015 by the Chinese Academy of Arts, the DIA Award does more than just discover good design… It develops it. Functioning partly as an awards program and partly as a product accelerator, the DIA Award celebrates innovation and entrepreneurial imagination. The Free Entry Prize Program features a two-round judging and evaluation process, with the goal of helping to develop products that uniquely benefit humanity. In doing so, the DIA Prize also aims to create a platform to accelerate international trade, increase connectivity and open business opportunities. After all, good design only has impact when it reaches and benefits more people, right? To that end, the awards program has even set up an award fund worth 5 million RMB yen, or $750,000 to help incubate great ideas into great designs.

The Design Intelligence Award evaluation process takes place in two stages – a preliminary and a more practical final. Meanwhile, an elite panel of 550 multi-disciplinary design experts evaluate entries based on three criteria/layers – 1) The fundamental layer emphasizes the “Design Principles”, covering functionality, aesthetics, technicality, user experience and durability. 2) The advanced layer emphasizes “Design Branch”, covering contribution to humanity, industry and the future. 3) The top layer emphasizes “The Impact of Design” with regard to social influence and industrial development.

Based on these criteria, the DIA Jury selects 30 exceptional, innovative and positive impact projects. Winners have access to the DIA prize fund of 5 million RMB yen (750,000 USD), with the winner alone receiving 1 million RMB yen. Although this is not the end. All winners are invited to the DIA Awards Ceremony to speak face-to-face with global representatives from various industries such as design, academic circles, media, etc. The award also organizes a series of expert lectures known as D-WILL, sponsored by Zhejiang Modern Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Center and China Academy of Arts Design Innovation Center, with the aim of leading innovation and connectivity. With “Meet design, Meet future” as its initial intention, the conference invites education experts, industry elites and pioneers to share their achievements and ideas in their personal research and careers with younger generations. Finally, the winners are featured in the media as part of a coordinated public relations campaign to help get their work noticed by everyone. In fact, you can scroll down to see some winners and honorable mentions from last year’s Design Intelligence Awards.

Do you have an innovative idea for a product or service? Want to win up to 1 million yen RMB (147,000 USD) to help develop it into a tangible design that will change your life? Click here to register for the Design Intelligence Awards 2022 for FREE!

“Huo-Yan” mobile product series by BGI Genomics Co., Ltd. (GOLD WINNER)

Designed as a response to the pandemic and an emerging need to quickly turn vacant lots into testing labs and isolation wards, the mobile “Huo-Yan” features a series of inflatable negative pressure tents that can be carried on a site and quickly deployed on site. These tents are designed to later serve as nucleic acid testing labs or isolation wards, allowing scientists and the medical community to respond quickly to any outbreak requiring intervention.

New city rail train without catenary power supply by CRRC TANGSHAN Co., Ltd. (SILVER WINNER)

Any discerning observer will immediately notice what is different about the train in this image above. No, it’s not its bold aesthetic, but rather the lack of catenary power, or that wire that connects the train engine to the power line at the top. Developed by CRRC TANGSHAN, this new concept train runs on wireless power instead, relying on an inductive power network that charges the train without any cables or wires.

WAVE by d’strict holdings, Inc. (MONEY WINNER)

If you’ve spent any time on social media, chances are you’ve seen videos of this building somewhere on the internet. Located in Gangnam, the heart of Seoul, “WAVE” is a public media art piece that realistically expresses constantly crashing waves through an anamorphic illusion technique on a giant L-shaped LED screen. Sure, you can use the screen to show ads, like they do in Times Square, but go ahead and tell me you’d rather be looking at billboards than an actual anamorphic piece of art. Virtual !

T-dot Smart Bluetooth Braille Keyboard by KunYoong IBC (SILVER WINNER)

Designed to be perhaps the first portable keyboard for braille users, the T-dot is small enough to wear around the neck. It opens almost like an inverted tripod, folding into a T-shape on a desk. When wirelessly connected to a device, the T-shaped keys allow the visually impaired to type in Braille and have the text automatically transcribed into the language of your choice. This accessible tool effectively enables the visually impaired to type without having to navigate a traditional QWERTY keyboard. A small joystick in the center of the T-point also allows users to easily navigate through pages and across machines.

Rokid X-Craft AR Headset (BRONZE WINNER)

Designed by the makers of some of the first AR headsets available, the Rokid X-Craft is the world’s first explosion-proof AR headband equipped with a 5G module. Designed to easily attach to various hard hats and hard hats, the X-Craft is specifically designed for complex, high-risk environments such as oil and gas, electric power, aviation, rail transportation and other industries that could benefit from augmented reality. The glasses are equipped with an AI algorithm and AR technology that allows frontline workers to automatically update information and increase overall efficiency.

Do you have an innovative idea for a product or service? Want to win up to 1 million yen RMB (147,000 USD) to help develop it into a tangible design that will change your life? Click here to register for the Design Intelligence Awards 2022 for FREE!

Abdul J. Gaspar