Some of the best US Open clothing for 2022

The US Open is a favorite of players and fans.

Golf’s midsummer classic is one of the game’s most brutal tests, often pushing the world’s elite to or even beyond their breaking point.

What better way to portray the toughest golf tournament than with some of the finest yarns available?

This list features our favorite clothes from the US Open. Don’t worry, we’ll be back later this week to share some of the best props from the US Open.

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Argyle Performance Polo Shirt (Navy/White) – Nike

Nike Argyle Performance US Open 2022 Polo Shirt (Fanatics)

Price: $70

Why we love it: Nike comes to the table with a modern twist on a traditional print. Featuring a pattern reminiscent of argyle socks and the Brookline Country Club crest to the chest, this polo is a great look.


Club Pullover Sweatshirt – Nike

Nike Club US Open 2022 Hoodie Nike Club US Open 2022 Sweatshirt (Fanatics)

Price: $60

Why we love it: Another classic Nike look, this crew neck features the iconic Brookline logo with the US Open crest. If you like to rep your favorite major through fall and winter, this sweatshirt is for you.


Green Quarter Zip Jacket – FootJoy

US Open 2022 FootJoy Green Jacket US Open 2022 FootJoy Green Jacket (Fanatics)

Price: $100

Why we love it: It’s always quarter zip season. This green quarter zip is a classic FootJoy look at a pretty affordable price.


Light blue daisy floral polo shirt – G/FORE

US Open G/Fore Daisy Floral Polo Shirt 2022 2022 US Open G/FORE Daisy Floral Polo (Fanatics)

Price: $130

Why we love it: If you like loud polo shirts, this is for you. The floral print is right now but made even better with the US Open crest.


Massachusetts Tee – SwingJuice

US Open Massachusetts SwingJuice Tee US Open Massachusetts Tee (SwingJuice)

Price: $32

Why we love it: This t-shirt is not just for people who wear Red Sox hats backwards all summer. In fact, you can wear this awesome state contour shirt from SwingJuice without having set foot in the great state of Massachusetts.



Navy Tech Full Zip Vest – RLX

2022 US Open RLX Navy Full Zip Vest 2022 US Open RLX Navy Full-Zip Vest (Fanatics)

Price: $168

Why we love it: Need a new outer layer for summer nights and fall mornings? Look no further than this subtle beauty from RLX. Premium materials combined with the famous squirrel result in a heavenly wedding.


Past Champs Long Sleeve Tee – Fanatics

2022 US Open Past Champions Long Sleeves 2022 US Open Former Champions Long Sleeves (Fanatics)

Price: $35

Why we love it: Give anyone walking or standing behind you a quick history lesson with this long sleeve option. Featuring the Brookline logo, this jersey lists the 121 previous US Open winners. *Sharpie to write in the 2022 winner is not included*


Perforated Band Polo Pink/White – G/FORE

2022 US Open G/Fore Perforated Stripe Tri-Blend Polo Shirt Pink/White US Open G/FORE 2022 Perforated Stripe Polo Shirt (Fanatics)

Price: $135

Why we love it: A little more subtle than the previous G/FORE polo shirt listed above, this is a timeless look from one of the best golf apparel companies. What really sets this polo apart is the cuffs that form to your arm giving it a more athletic fit.


Performance Polo Shirt – SwingJuice

SwingJuice Men's US Open Performance Polo Shirt US Open Men’s Performance Polo Shirt (SwingJuice)

Price: $89

Why we love it: Another classic look, this SwingJuice polo shirt can be paired with the SwingJuice shirt listed above as a last minute Father’s Day gift. He’s sure to love this polo shirt as much as he loves you.


Saltwater Quarter-Zip Jacket – Vineyard Vines

Green US Open Vineyard Vines Jacket 2022 2022 US Open Vineyard Vines Green Quarter-Zip Jacket (Fanatics)

Price: $140

Why we love it: A nice warm option for nights by the water and possibly tailgating season, this Vineyard Vines quarter-zip is one of the best on the market. Add the Brookline logo with the US Open 122nd nomicer and you’ll have something to talk about for a while.


Titan Quarter Zip Jacket White/Camo – Johnnie-O

2022 US Open Johnnie-O Jacket White/Camouflage Quarter Zip 2022 US Open Johnnie-O White/Camouflage Quarter-Zip Jacket (Fanatics)

Price: $120

Why we love it: Johnnie-O knocked it out of the park with this one. A good camo design is hard to come by, but this quarter-zip design is different. Not too flashy, the arctic camouflage blend helps make the Brookline Squirrel stand out against the colorless background.


Abdul J. Gaspar