Software Design Patterns for Java Developers (BPB Publications)

This book discusses the fundamentals of software design along with well-established design patterns that simplify and outperform the entire software development lifecycle. To start, Lalit Mehra covers the different types of software design patterns and how they differ from each other. Using many examples, you can study the implementation of various design patterns such as singleton, object pool, adapter, abstract factory, and proxy.

Other design patterns include simplifying complex systems, changing the behavior of the algorithm at runtime, securing broadcast messages, and more. Additionally, a chapter is dedicated to understanding some of the most effective design principles and anti-patterns available today.

Author: Lalit Mehra
Publisher: ‎ BPB Publications
Date: November 2021
Pages: 282
ISBN: 978-9391392475
Printing: ‎9391392474
Kindle: B09MS4SH59
Audience: Java developers
Intermediate level
Category: Methodology

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