Sarah Sherman Samuel’s new collection with Lulu and Georgia is a design lover’s delight

Today, multidisciplinary designer Sarah Sherman Samuel launched its largest collection to date with Lulu and Georgia. The line has been in the works for around five years, resulting in more than 50 jaw-dropping items for the home space, including furniture, rugs, wallpaper and pillows. Samuel’s vision for the collection often struck while she was on a plane where no one could interrupt the flow of her pencil. Heavily inspired by nature, travel, old hotels and European architecture, it tells the story of intuitive design and the beauty of honoring the building process.

    “When I create art, it’s this slower, more intuitive process that creates a sense of groundedness and freedom,” says the designer. “Design can be very methodical and mathematical. Yes, it’s creative but there’s also a lot of precision and planning involved. My fine art practice is more of an emotional and fluid exercise, but it also requires parameters and Planning.”

    Lulu and Georgia

    There’s an airy, organic feel to the line, from the detailed waves on a daybed to the comfy curled cloud-like chair. The emotion behind her work is shown through the prints she painted for wallpaper and rugs where Samuel found they added layers of interest. “By hand painting these designs, they bring even more richness…a human touch to the designs and a little something. I like my pieces and pieces to have a little something,” she says.

    The collection also makes a nod to European architecture and design. “I was also inspired by the Roman columns (from which the Doric dining table clearly takes its name) and the checkerboard pattern of rugs and wallpapers taken from the tiled floors of Parisian cafes,” shares Samuel. The plaid pattern appears in the line in an exciting way. “I often design with classic geometric patterns, checkers, stripes and polka dots. They will never go out of style and always bring personality to a space.”

    sarah sherman samuel lulu and georgia rug collection

    Lulu and Georgia

    sarah sherman samuel pillows lulu and georgia

    Lulu and Georgia

      With wabi-sabi ease, this line has the best surprises and moments that make it a breeze to incorporate into your home. “I created this collection while designing spaces, wanting them to all work together but feel together, not fully matched,” says Samuel. Prices range from $68 to $5,698, with each product strong enough to stand on its own. Shop the whimsical collection now through Lulu and Georgia – these pieces are sure to be part of your home’s history.

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