RMIT Online partners with Adobe and Merkle to offer design courses for marketers

RMIT Online has partnered with Adobe and Merkle to create a career-accelerating course with cutting-edge graphic design principles, capabilities, and tools in a flexible digital delivery environment.

The online branch of RMIT University is launching the course in response to the growing demand for design skills in many unrelated fields and professions. Over the past 12 months, analysis of job postings through Burning Glass revealed 13,535 jobs requiring Adobe Photoshop skills or graphic design skills.

The course helps those looking to improve their design skills, including aspiring designers looking to upskill and seek a role on a digital team or those looking to set themselves apart by learning graphic design skills.

Claire Hopkins, Acting CEO of RMIT Online, understands how digitalization has dramatically increased the demand for design skills, noting how most industries can benefit from understanding design principles and capabilities – managers who need to tell stories effectively and sell their ideas, to Australians considering a career change in the short term.

“Companies know that good design at various levels can increase productivity and sales, and they are increasingly considering these skills as part of the digital literacy process,” says Claire Hopkins. “Our studies show that digital skills increase employability and result in a paid premium of around $8,000 per year, and design is one of those skills.”

A McKinsey report found that even before the pandemic, companies that adopted design generated an average of 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns.

“The pandemic has underscored the urgency for increased collaboration between education service providers and businesses to deliver real-world skills through real-world curricula. These courses provide students with valuable experience to learn about industry tools and design principles for success in the digital economy,” says Sasha McQuaid, Head of Education at Adobe, Australia and New Zealand Digital Media.

Students will be mentored by leading industry partners as part of the eight-week program.

As a partner in the development of the course, Adobe brings real-world experience and case studies to demonstrate how design can improve daily work in different fields.

“Australia’s future prosperity depends on thriving in a digitally driven economy, and with increased digitization the ability to conceive and understand design concepts becomes even more important. Organizations that understand the value of improving digital skills to break down silos and include more professionals in the design conversation will capitalize on the opportunities of the digital economy,” said McQuaid.

The RMIT Online Digital Graphic Design course will launch on July 5, 2022, with the first run starting on August 8, 2022.

Abdul J. Gaspar