Mississippi State Interior Design Program Receives National Lighting Grant

Contact person: Christie McNeal

Robin Carroll (Photo by Beth Wynn)

STARKVILLE, Mississippi—Mississippi State’s Interior Design Program receives a grant from the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education.

Assistant Professor Robin Carroll, principal investigator of the $30,000 grant, said the money will go towards a new course, “Historic Lighting Environments,” which will expand the scope of the lighting design minor and will be offered as part of the Master of Fine Arts. in the historic preservation program.

A certified lighting consultant for 35 years, Carroll will serve as the lead instructor for the course which will cover the design process, understanding light quality, energy and maintenance, conservation and outdoor lighting. Assistant Professor G. Jeff Fulton, MFA Historic Preservation Degree Coordinator, will support the class with historical research.

“This course will really help students understand the importance of lighting as it relates to historic structures,” Carroll said. “Often people, who don’t want to detract from the historic nature of a building, will simply rewire the existing lighting. This can lead to issues with the space not having enough lumens, which can have a visual effect and also pose a safety risk. LED technology has provided a smaller lamp, allowing for more illumination that can be hidden for a better and safer lighting experience.

Carroll said the grant not only provides instruction and research for this new course, but also helps create more hands-on learning opportunities through the purchase of lamps and lighting equipment and support. for excursions to historic sites.

This is the third grant Carroll has received from the Nuckolls Fund – the first was in 2015 to launch the Lighting Certificate, and the second in 2019.

“I am so happy and proud of the effort and dedication Professor Carroll has shown in her work to develop and improve this important area of ​​lighting design for our College,” said Angi Elsea Bourgeois, Dean of the College of architecture, art and design. “Recognition from the Nuckolls Foundation is a great achievement and, more importantly, it will allow us to provide our students with new and innovative programs to expand their opportunities in the future.”

The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education, established in 1988, supports college-level programs that inspire students to learn, appreciate, and apply the basics of architectural lighting and design. To learn more, visit https://nuckollsfund.org.

Learn more about MSU’s College of Architecture, Art, and Design and its interior design program at www.caad.msstate.edu.

MSU is the main university in Mississippi, available online at www.msstate.edu.

Abdul J. Gaspar