Minister Mendicino Announces Proposed Pricing Model for Assault Firearms Buyback Program

OTTAWA (ON), July 28, 2022 /CNW/ – Canadians deserve to feel safe in their communities. This is why the government of Canada developed a comprehensive plan that takes guns off our streets and puts more resources into our communities. A central part of this work is the banning of assault-type firearms, such as AR-15s. Since May 2020our government has banned the use or sale of over 1,500 different models of assault firearms in Canada. Beyond simply banning these firearms, the government is also committed to establishing a buy-back program to permanently remove assault-type firearms from our communities.

The Honorable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety, today announced an important milestone in the development of the mandatory buy-back program. The government released the proposed price list, which details the compensation owners would receive when redeeming their firearms. The government welcomes the views and ideas of gun owners on the proposed list, by August 28, 2022. The purpose of this consultation is to receive feedback from gun owners, businesses and industry on proposed compensation amounts.

No single program or initiative can address the challenge of armed violence alone. That is why interdiction and buyback are two of many elements of the government’s overall plan to keep Canadians safe. It starts at our borders, where we’ve added resources to fight smuggling and keep guns out. Canada. We invest in prevention programs to address the root causes of gun crime and stop it before it starts. Finally, we recently introduced Bill C-21 – the most significant measure against gun violence in Canada in a Generation – which includes a nationwide freeze on handgun ownership, new “red flag” laws to end domestic violence, and tougher penalties for organized crime.


“Simply put, assault-type firearms, like the AR-15, don’t belong in Canada. By design, their goal is to kill as many people as possible, which is why our government has taken the bold step of banishing them from our country, once and for all. The price list proposed today represents another step towards removing these dangerous firearms from Canadian communities while ensuring that current firearm owners are fairly compensated. »

– The Honorable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety

Fast facts

  • It will be mandatory for individuals to participate in the buyback program, have their assault-type firearms rendered unusable at government expense or otherwise legally disposed of.
  • The proposed price list for individual firearm owners was developed to reflect what Canadians may have paid for an assault type firearm before May 2020.
  • A separate and distinct compensation model for companies participating in the buyback program is being developed. Specific consultations will also take place this summer.
  • An amnesty order is in effect until October 30, 2023to protect lawful owners of now prohibited firearms from criminal liability while they take the necessary steps to comply with the law.
  • Compensation models and other details of the program will be finalized over the next few months, and all known gun owners will be contacted to find out how they can participate in the buyback program.

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SOURCE Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

For further information: Audrey Champoux, Press Attaché, Office of the Minister of Public Security, [email protected]; Media Relations, Public Safety Canada, 613-991-0657, [email protected]

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