Meredith students participate in freshman engineering design day

Meredith’s D studentsengineering degree program? participated in First-Year Engineering Design Day (FEDD) at NC State at the end of the 2021-22 academic year.

FEDD is an opportunity for teams of first-year engineering students to present their design projects, carried out as part of the Introduction to engineering and problem solving course. They learn the engineering design process and gain teamwork skills.

Javi Brito, Alexee Estes, Amelia Irving, Sarah Manis, Tiana Smith and Carson Wood were the participants from Meredith College, in teams with classmates from NC State. Irving was Meredith’s only student on her team, while the others were on teams together.

Blacksmith and wood (shown on the left with his teammates) were part of a team called The Chicken Littles. The team designed and created an automatic chicken coop door. The project got an honorable mention.Javi Brito, Alexee Estes, Team Sarah Manis during Freshman Tech Design Day at NC State.

“We were proud to have accomplished such a difficult task in just four months,” Smith said. “Overall, we learned that good time management is crucial to the success of any engineering project as well as utilizing each member’s strengths during the design process.”

Estes, Manis and Brito teamed up (shown in photo two with their team) together who designed a “Beverage Buddy”. This portable cup holder was stable on the floor and included a key ring and space for an ice pack. The project had to be created on a 3D printer.

Amelia Irvin's team during Freshman Tech Design Day at NC State.It was truly a wonderful experience. It was rewarding to be able to take techniques and lessons learned in other math and engineering classes and apply them to the project,” Estes said. “This is the first project I’ve designed and produced that will be inspiring to look back on four years from now.”

Photo info: Amelia Irving, second from left, with her team.

The Dual Degree Engineering Program is an agreement between Meredith College and NC State whereby students simultaneously fulfill the academic requirements of both institutions.

Abdul J. Gaspar