Manhattanville College Center will offer a certificate in Design Thinking

Manhattanville College will offer a Certificate in Design Thinking starting in the fall semester, giving its undergraduates the opportunity to learn the top skills employers are looking for today. This new Manhattanville offering is unique because very few undergraduate liberal arts colleges offer such a certificate. Unenrolled students can also enroll in the certificate program, allowing working professionals and high school students to develop these skills in Manhattanville.

Design thinking is a systematic approach to problem solving that has gained popularity in recent years among business leaders and others due to its emphasis on innovative solutions to complex problems. A design thinking approach promotes the development of skills useful in any environment, including adaptability and empathy.

“Design thinking is an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, with collaboration and empathy at its core,” said Michael Geisler, Ph.D., president of Manhattanville College. “It aligns with liberal arts values ​​and our mission to educate ethical and socially responsible leaders. Design thinking skills are in high demand in today’s workplace, largely because they train students to focus on user-friendly solutions, giving humans an edge in the marketplace. compared to software solutions that rely solely on artificial intelligence.

The Center for Design Thinking at Manhattanville College emphasizes the methods and mindsets of design thinking, integrating and amplifying many skills already developed through a strong liberal arts education. The Center provides opportunities to apply these skills through real-world problem solving. The certificate program can be completed alongside any Manhattanville undergraduate major, allowing students to apply design methodology and mindsets to disciplinary challenges, developing real-world experience in the process. Program participants will learn to use design thinking to identify and test innovative solutions to the toughest problems in a real-world environment with an emphasis on team building, project management, collaboration, and professionalism. Students will conduct research using design thinking and develop oral and visual communication skills.

“Design thinking skills set innovators apart from others in the workplace,” said Alison Carson, Ph.D., associate vice president of academic innovation and design thinking at Manhattanville. . “This certificate allows our students entering the job market to stand out from the pack. This signals to employers that this is someone who knows how to think and solve problems creatively and with empathy. Carson directs the Center for Design Thinking in Manhattanville, which opened in 2019 and is one of the first of its kind on a liberal arts college campus.

Students in the program will take six courses – four required courses and two elective courses – for a total of 18 credits to earn a certificate in Design Thinking. There will be opportunities to participate in a design thinking internship which can replace an elective with the approval of the program administrators.

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Abdul J. Gaspar