LandMentor – Market Proven Solution for Innovative Design, Surveying, Architecture and Engineering – Now Free

With today’s escalating construction costs and rising interest rates, the LandMentor system is offered free of charge to those involved on the private and government side of growth and redevelopment.

Neighborhood Innovations, LLC is offering this system free on July 1, 2022 to developers, builders, consultants and municipalities. It will increase the standard of living, green spaces, values ​​and connectivity – while reducing costs and environmental impacts.

LandMentor is a ‘System‘ that combines technology with advanced training proven in the market design methods. It is expected to reduce the infrastructure needed to develop the land by between 5 and 40% compared to conventional development models. This has obvious economic and environmental benefits.

It was time to share the system:

Neighborhood Innovations, LLC wanted to give the world a gift of solving growing problems, both on the regulatory (government) side and on the design (consulting) side. With more than 1,500 developments in 48 states and 18 countries designed with LandMentor, the company felt it was time to spread the knowledge and share its technical advantage with the world.

How can LandMentor improve global growth?

CAD and GIS Software Companies Serving Growing Industry automate geometric relationships which have been in place for centuries.

Other software offerings boast that hundreds of lots can be designed and calculated in minutes, producing cookie-cutter subdivisions, but that’s probably not an ideal place to live and raise a family. How is that possible, with a minute’s thought behind it?

To solve this problem, LandMentor introduces an industry first – software that comes with a holistic industry education. For example, does Microsoft Word instantly make a great writer? Obviously, no. But what if it came with a full background in storytelling or technical writing?

Reduce (or eliminate) dependence on CAD:

LandMentor has no commands, and its patented graphical and video prompts make all tasks easier, quick to learn, and enjoyable.

A ‘surface-based’ solution:

The world is made up of surfaces, not lines and curves, and these surfaces have environmental and economic consequences. Land Mentor Reports superficial shocks with easy to understand graphics. Designers can take action to reduce waste and cities can communicate waste to the developer.

Changing the way the industry communicates:

LandMentor ‘video game’ Interactive 3D is easily created from normal planning, surveying and engineering tasks. Most users today will be familiar with video games. So, no learning curve. His Support “plug & play” VR headset transports users into a virtual meta-environment.

What’s included?

All it takes is downloading the ‘system’ from and spend the time (about a week or two) going through the included initial training (video and PowerPoint with examples) as well as the internal manuals under the Help menu. LandMentor reverts to a subscription model in 2024. Pricing should be based on user volume (projected at 10%-20% of CAD cost).

Abdul J. Gaspar