IGNION chooses AWS to transform the IoT design process

Ignion and AWS will continue their collaboration to deliver tools that accelerate the global development of IoT projects.

Ignion has developed the design and simulation platform on AWS to enable IoT developers to correctly and quickly integrate Virtual Antenna™ technology into their own products, providing a more reliable and predictable antenna integration process in any IoT device and reducing development costs and time. -at the market. Based on years of experience and thousands of executed designs, the core of Antenna Intelligence Cloud uses machine learning, and the resulting simulated performance is very close to what can be achieved with a real-world end device .

With the rapid and sweeping changes in RF system design, Antenna Intelligence Cloud is uniquely positioned to become the new platform that powers innovation and versatility in any IoT end product. The Antenna Intelligence Cloud uses state-of-the-art simulation with machine learning and removes the need to initiate development on physical hardware. Especially since every design is unique and there are ongoing new needs due to 5G, Wi-Fi6E, LoRaWAN or UWB, and often devices containing multiple radios, there is an existing need accurate and reliable design support for the IoT ecosystem. .

“The breadth and depth of AWS’ cloud offering allows us to provide access to our Virtual Antenna™ portfolio while providing a complete end-to-end RF design solution to dramatically accelerate IoT product development and improve product ROI,” said Jaap Groot, CEO of Ignion. “By building your IoT antenna solution with support from Ignion’s Antenna Intelligence Cloud, your product design cycle is shortened and optimized with market-leading predictability and flexibility.”

Ignion is a leading antenna powerhouse and innovator that designs, manufactures and markets off-the-shelf miniature antennas for IoT, mobile connectivity and short-range wireless devices. Ignion’s mission is to accelerate the IoT and empower the ecosystem with off-the-shelf antenna solutions.

About ignition

Founded in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as an independent antenna product company in 2015, virtual antenna technology is already embedded in more than 30 million IoT devices worldwide. Ignion combines a world-class R&D and engineering team with proven design capabilities and scale, to bring to market a new generation of antenna products that meet the wireless connectivity needs of design engineers. Ignion has offices in Spain, United States and China as well as several strategic partnerships with major module manufacturers and transceiver OEMs.


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