How long should your design portfolio be?

Each week, we’ll bring you an urgent topic of the week straight from our reader-controlled discussion boards! This week, we reflect on the question: what is the perfect balance for a design portfolio? Core77-er Alex asks:

“I’m a graduate student in May. Currently my total portfolio is around 50 pages, or 25 pages. It seems way too long to include in an email and expect professionals to search for a potential position.

My question is, what do you usually send for a job application? A shortened sample of work? A teaser? How long is this document? What does he understand[…]? Professionals, what do you want to see? How many pages per project on average?

Currently, I have produced a “working example” document of 7 pages (cover, one page for each of my five projects, curriculum vitae and one page about me). It covers the topics of my project and gives an overview of the identification work and the final product. Ideally this would generate interest and I could then follow up by sending in my full portfolio with a more in-depth process. ”

Do you have any first hand experiences to help answer this question, or just strong opinions on the subject? Contribute in the comments feed below and help start the conversation! Also, feel free to check out the original post and contribute to our discussion forum.

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