Hexagon: selected by X-energy for the design of next-generation modular reactors

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama- Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence (formerly PPM) division today announced that X-energy, a US-based nuclear reactor and fuel design engineering company, has chosen Hexagon solutions to drive productivity gains and facilitate modular construction in the design of small advanced modular reactors (SMR) such as under the US Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program Cooperative Agreement.

X-energy was founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and engineer Kam Ghaffarian to meet the growing global demand for energy while simultaneously helping to reduce global carbon emissions. The company has been selected by the Department of Energy as a recipient of a matching grant over the next five to seven years for the cost of building a demonstration plant consisting of four of its pebble bed reactors helium cooled Xe-100.

The Xe-100 is a game-changing 80 megawatt electric (MWe) reactor that can be upgraded to a 320 MWe four-pack power plant, and thanks to its modular design, the scale can expand as required.

X-energy conducted a thorough competitive evaluation and determined that Hexagon’s Intergraph Smart® 3D, Intergraph Smart P&ID, Intergraph Smart Instrumentation, Intergraph Smart Electrical and HxGN SDx® Projects are the ideal solutions for its breakthrough nuclear reactor designs. X-energy executives were also familiar with the Hexagon solutions deployed on two massive coal-fired power plant projects in South Africa capable of producing 780 MW per unit and came away impressed with these results.

“We like to say that Hexagon’s smart solutions are the tools that take us from design integration to procurement and also become the primary communication tool for the construction team,” said Dr. Martin van Staden, Vice President of Design and Xe-100. Program manager. “This is how we want to use Hexagon solutions, to enable a seamless transition from design engineering to procurement and finally to construction, while obviously ensuring that the plant is well integrated and in minimizing on-site modifications.

“We want to change the narrative in many areas. We want to have a standard factory design so that when we have a well-developed model with Hexagon’s smart solutions, we can take that model and put it in the hands of a builder and can start construction from there with minimal site-specific engineering required,” added van Staden.

X-energy’s high-temperature gas-fired reactor allows for flexible sites, reduces the cost of plant construction, and is powered by Tri-Structural Isotropic Particle (TRISO) fuel, which the Department of Energy has qualified of “the most robust fuel on Earth”. The Xe-100 reactor does not require nearby water and is considered a great alternative for areas closing coal-fired power plants by providing clean energy and jobs to local communities.

“If we are successful in deploying these designs within the timeframe we have planned, we can change the nuclear landscape forever. No one wants to risk these projects because they are way over budget and over schedule. That’s where the real benefit is – Hexagon is going to help get more certainty on our schedule,” van Staden said.

“X-energy is at the forefront of a profound transformation in the way nuclear power plants will be built,” said Jerry Belanger, senior vice president, Americas, Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division. “His decision to use Hexagon software to create the world’s safest, most economical and most advanced design for a small modular nuclear reactor producing a carbon-free power source validates our solution portfolio and aligns with Hexagon’s sustainable development strategy.

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About X-energy
X-energy redefines nuclear energy. It makes fuel that seals uranium particles in a protective coating, so it’s inherently safe and holds the waste inside forever. X-energy also designs power plants that release the potential of fuel in a process as clean as wind or solar. When combined, the result is reliable carbon-free baseload information, visit x-energy.com or log on to TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram.

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Abdul J. Gaspar