Global beer brand, Corona, appoints renowned design, cuisine and lifestyle experts to develop Corona Island

Crown Island embodies the brand’s goal of reconnecting with nature and we are thrilled to partner with our newest Global Ambassadors to bring this to life,” said Philip Ambra, Global Vice President for Corona. “Thanks to their expertise, our island programming will be an incredibly immersive experience that will have deep connections with nature and celebrate the island’s beautiful habitat and organic environment.”

In addition to new Ambassadors, Corona continues to strive towards its goal of becoming “Blue Verified”, under the international NGO’s rigorous Blue Standard program with the help of its global partner, World Oceanic. Evaluation is currently underway with Crown Island is set to become the first verified all-blue island when it launches later this year.

International architecture and design firm, James & Mau, will spearhead corona island overall design concept. The company has a strong portfolio of bioclimatic and sustainable concepts and this knowledge is applied to building structures and guest bungalows on the island. Local Colombian architect, Jairo Márquez adapts James & Mau’s concept to the reality of island conditions, anchored by locally sourced and sustainable materials.

“In keeping with the fact that Corona is brewed with 100% natural ingredients, the structures on the island are carefully designed to complement and blend into its natural surroundings, be it the sea, the beach, the flora and fauna,” said Mauricio Galeano Escobarchief architect for Crown Island. “Our approach honors our deep, collective relationship with nature, inviting guests to stop, breathe and listen to the beautiful world around them and celebrate the natural environment.”

The Sustainable Culinary Program for Crown Island will be led by the Chief Christopher Carpentier. Born in Chile and currently residing in ColombiaChef Carpentier is a regular guest judge on MasterChef Colombia and Chile and operates several restaurants in the area. With two books and multiple culinary awards under his belt, Christopher is equipped to bring the delicious, natural flavors of Latin Americadirectly inspired by Corona’s 100% natural ingredients.

“As a Latin American cook and resident of ColombiaI have a deep respect for multicultural gastronomy,” said corona island Chief Executive, Christopher Carpentier. “I look forward to bringing local flavors to life in a sustainable way in the Island’s menu and culinary programming. Along with the garden we plan to plant on site, our kitchen will be an experiential way for our guests to reconnect with nature through fresh and delicious produce. , local cuisine.”

In addition to design and cooking, corona island the guest experience will focus on workshops and excursions that immerse guests in a sustainable lifestyle. Former Miss Universe 2014, TV host and model in her hometown Colombia, Pauline Vega steps into the role of curator of the island’s way of life. As a lifelong beach lover and curious adventurer, Vega will co-create island living experiences from snorkeling excursions to mangrove planting, drawing inspiration from her Colombian roots, embracing the way of life and culture in which the project was born in the hope that when customers return home, they will fall in love with nature again. Learn more about his vision for the island here.

Eleven countries* around the world are running local promotions that unlock a unique all-expenses-paid trip to the island. Further opportunities for the public to access the island will be announced in the coming months. For more information, visit

*Eligible countries include: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and South Africa.

About Corona
Born in Mexico, Corona is the country’s leading beer brand, the most popular Mexican beer in the world, exported to more than 180 countries. Corona is a pioneer in the beer industry by being the first to use a transparent bottle showcasing its purity and high quality in the world. The artwork found on the bottle is painted, emphasizing our commitment to quality in our packaging and our Mexican heritage. No Corona is complete without lime. Naturally adding character, flavor and refreshment, the Lime Ritual is integral to delivering a truly unique Corona experience. The brand is synonymous with the beach and celebrates time spent outdoors. It invites people to pause, relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Corona is continuously committed to reducing plastics. It has exceeded its mission to protect 100 islands by 2020 and continues to have consistent global cleanup efforts.

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