Forget the new MacBook Pro, Apple has something better

This month WWDC seen Apple announce the next major iteration of its Apple Silicon chipset in the M2. Just like when the M1 was launched, a new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro were launched. While the MacBook Air looks impressive, once again, the consumer MacBook Pro occupies a delicate place in the portfolio… and Apple has better options than this entry-level macOS laptop.

Let’s start with one of the most alluring arguments for this MacBook Pro. With the M2 chip and additional cooling, it delivers more power than the new MacBook Air and older MacBook Pro M1 it replaces. If you need power, then it’s the laptop? No. Apple’s 14-inch MacBook Pro, running the M1 Pro, appears to be more powerful on paper (though we’re still awaiting full benchmarks). The M1 Max is even faster.

If you’re looking for excess power, there are better MacBook Pro laptops. If you need enough for day-to-day operation, the extra potential of the M2 in the MacBook Air is more than enough, at a lower price.

Maybe the option to configure up to 24GB of RAM caught your eye, but again, if you’re looking to push the spec limits, the 14-inch and 16-inch models will serve you better with more RAM. proposed… and you can expect to see those larger models transition to the presumed M2 Pro and M2 Max next year.

Then there is the design or at least the lack thereof. Apple improved the visual appearance and style of the MacBook Pro last year when it launched the 14-inch and 16-inch models. This design has been brought to the MacBook Air, giving it the prestige of looking and feeling new. The MagSafe connector is back for a safer way to physically charge the laptop; a brighter display with a wider color gamut, a more powerful webcam to support multiple working modes in 2022, and of course the reworked internals to help support the new chipset with improved cooling for temperatures lower operating times.

The new MacBook Pro is still stuck with the Touch Bar and the same tired design that debuted in 2016 on Intel-based Macs.

Perhaps the price-performance ratio is appealing, it is the cheapest MacBook Pro after all. But this looks like a false economy. The new MacBook Air – even with its slight price increase – in my opinion strikes a better balance between performance, price, design and desirability.

Not enough power for those who want to go out on the edge, overpowered for day-to-day use; and a tired design that lacks the latest tech; Apple has many options better than the new MacBook Pro.

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Abdul J. Gaspar