Cost of Sydney Harbor Bridge Aboriginal flag under scrutiny


“Now there are questions that have been raised about the cost of this. I think these are appropriate questions and therefore it is appropriate that you get a second opinion to ensure that we are getting the best value for taxpayers money.

Kean said Perrottet had asked Transport for NSW to get back to him with a revised quote.

The price has also raised questions within the government cabinet, with some ministers surprised at the cost.

A Transport for NSW spokeswoman said the project was complex and required ‘sophisticated engineering work on a heritage asset 97.4 meters above the live carriageway’.

“Transport must also ensure safe installation conditions at the top of the bridge while minimizing disruption to one of Sydney’s busiest transport corridors,” she said.

“The $25 million figure is a budget that Transportation must work within to install these three new flagpoles, and the department has worked to refine the design and methodology to maximize value for money.”

Transport will continue to work on providing a value for money solution to install the flag pole by the end of the year.

Cheree Toka, wife of Kamilaroi, who launched the flag campaign five years ago, said the government must follow through on its commitment.

“You can’t put a price on equality,” she said.

She said she was skeptical of suggestions to save money and replace the NSW flag with the Aboriginal flag, given that a change in prime minister could see this reversed in the future.

Toka said that while she spoke to Perrottet in the days after he first announced his intention to permanently fly the Aboriginal flag on the harbor bridge, she had yet to meet him about the plan. .

She was instead referred to a government adviser for Indigenous affairs, while an employee of Transport for NSW also made contact with the project.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Ben Franklin continues to support the plan despite the cost.

“It is both a symbolic and practical gesture that demonstrates the NSW Government’s commitment to reconciliation, truth and respect for Indigenous peoples both within our state and our nation. “, did he declare.

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Abdul J. Gaspar