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Bowling Green State University’s graphic design program was recently ranked among the best in the United States.

Housed in the School of Art at the College of Arts and Sciences, the program was ranked # 49 among public universities nationwide, # 23 in the Midwest, and # 5 in Ohio, according to Animation Career Review. Over 700 college and university graphic design programs were considered in the ranking process.

Programs are assessed on academic reputation, admission selectivity, depth and breadth of the program, value with respect to tuition and debt, and employment data.

“It’s good to know that our program is recognized for the superior quality results our program produces and that our value is recognized,” said Jenn Stucker, President and Professor of the BGSU Graphic Design Division. “One of the real strengths of our program, which is not always measurable, is the impact it has on the student as an individual. We don’t have a homogeneous student that we try to send out into the world. We believe wholeheartedly that we are graduate thinkers with curious minds. Because styles, trends, and technology are constantly changing, we strive to develop students who can be resilient, creative, and adaptable as they reflect on their way through challenges.

BGSU students earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design after successfully completing courses such as Design for Social Impact, Graphic Design Thinking, System-Based and Time-Based Graphic Design and User Experience and Interface Design (UX / UI). They also complete the collaborative and community engagement internship, the senior studio, the senior thesis and an internship.

An added benefit for students is the ability to connect with program alumni through special presentations as well as the annual portfolio review day. The experience helps students hone their portfolios and verbal presentation skills. Some students get internships and jobs by connecting with assessors.

With the university’s emphasis on creating a public good, the graphic design program’s curriculum and experiences mesh well.

“We firmly believe in our responsibility to improve everyday life. We need to understand technology as well as people, culture and business, and at the same time design accordingly, ”said Stucker. “Graduates of the program will demonstrate skills in team building, collaboration, storytelling, intervention design and they will know how to develop community partnerships as part of a professional work ethic. Our teachers are often the creators and producers of these community engagement projects, so we let our students see “behind the curtain” where they have the opportunity to see the challenges of producing large scale community projects. We use them as learning opportunities to give students the confidence to create their own projects and to be fluent in problem solving along the way.

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