Applications open for the 2022 Residential Architect Design Awards

Today, ARCHITECT opened the call for entries for its 19th annual Residential Architect Design Awards program. RADA recognizes exceptional work and innovations across a wide range of typologies and specialties in the field of residential design. The winning entries for this year’s program will be published in the November/December 2022 issue of ARCHITECT with extensive online coverage. Any home or project completed after January 1, 2019 is eligible. Last year, the jury selected 21 projects for recognition.

Interested in submitting your project to the RADA 2022 program? Here’s how to enter:

  1. Visit the Residential Architect Design Awards website:
  2. Read the eligibility guidelines, category types, submission process, and required entry documents (images and project description and settings).
  3. Click the “Click here to enter” link to begin. You will need to create an account in order to save and return to your entry. If you are returning to complete an existing application, enter your email and password to login.
  4. Register your project before September 2, 2022 and pay the regular registration fee $160 per standard category entry, or $130 for a specialty category entry.
  5. If you register your project after September 2, 2022, you must pay late fees $210 per standard category entry or $180 per special category entry.
  6. Complete the online registration forms and upload your support materials (details on required materials can be found on the RADA website). You can also return to this website to add or modify your entry at a later date, until the competition deadline.
  7. Submit all materials by September 9, 2022, 11:59 p.m. EDT, whether you registered before or after the usual deadline.

This year, we have expanded RADA’s project categories:

Standard entry categories (regular fee: $160 | late fee: $210)

  1. Custom / 3,000 square feet or less
  2. Custom / Over 3,000 square feet
  3. Renovation (residential remodeling and additions) / Adaptive reuse
  4. Restoration / Preservation
  5. Multi-family housing
  6. affordable housing
  7. Architectural interiors (constructions, interior renovations)
  8. Specialized accommodation (SRO, shelters, student accommodation, etc.)
  9. Addiction
  10. On the Boards (any unbuilt residential project not yet completed)

Specialized entry categories (regular fee: $130 | late fee: $180)

  1. Kitchen and bathroom
  2. Universal housing design
  3. Architectural design detail
  4. New approaches to housing and specialized houses (secondary housing, micro-houses, micro-units, multi-generational housing, cohabitation, cohabitation, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Submissions in this category must be built. All unbuilt projects must be submitted to Category 10. On the boards)

Email with any questions. We look forward to seeing your entries!

Abdul J. Gaspar