3D Slash: the free 3D design software inspired by Minecraft

3D software is an important part of 3D printing as it allows users to perform a number of critical tasks. These include modeling software that is used to design the parts that will be 3D printed. However, many software available can be difficult to use. Enter 3D Slash. One of the most popular 3D print modeling software on the market, 3D Slash was created by Sylvain Huet, a French engineer who was inspired by the popular online game Minecraft. He launched the 3D design software in 2014 with co-founder Quentin Jacomet.

Although known for its free option, which offers a web version and online storage as well as 8 standard colors, there are also paid options of 3D Slash starting around $2 per month. In the premium version ($24 per year, although a monthly subscription is also available), users can also create their designs in high resolution and have no limitations on colors. In addition, they will be able to export without queuing and will have access to the 3D Slash application on their mobile. These benefits are also available on the Academic Plan (designed specifically as the name suggests for those looking to use the software for educational purposes) and the Professional Plan.

3D Slash Sample Ideas

Some of the possible designs you can make using 3D Slash (photo credits: 3D Slash)

As part of the school plan (which starts at just $12 per month for 50 users), there’s a team management feature as well as an educational discount. The software can be easily integrated into classrooms and is suitable for children as young as 5 years old, helping them learn 3D modeling and engineering skills. Finally, there’s the Professional program (starting at $20 per month) which allows designs to be used commercially with all the other benefits mentioned earlier.

Using the 3D slash

It certainly makes sense that 3D Slash is considered one of the easiest 3D design software to use. It is both intuitive and fun as it treats modeling like a game. Similar to Minecraft, the platform has a cube as its most fundamental element. Users have a variety of “tools” available to them on the platform. The most basic elements are removing cubes with the hammer tool and adding cubes with the trowel. There’s also a chisel that will remove slices from cubes and a wall feature that adds a line. With the drill, you can remove an entire piece at once, exploding into a mass of cubes before disappearing. The entire platform is intuitive and fun to use, taking much of the stress out of the creative process.

Moreover, thanks to its popularity, the program is also compatible with many other 3D software sites. For example, it can be integrated with both Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory, making it easy for users to download STL or OBJ files directly from those sites, eliminating the need to design from scratch. 3D Slash was also the first 3D authoring tool integrated with Google Drive, enabling 3D content for teamwork, a recent version of the software has also been released which can be used with Raspberry Pi. Additionally, with the latest versions of the software make it even easier to work with as users can now edit any part of a design with just one click, and its engraving feature makes it easy to reproduce patterns or names. You can learn more about 3D Slash in the video below or on their website HERE.

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*Thumbnail photo credits: 3D slash

Abdul J. Gaspar